Biyernes, Abril 14, 2017

Project Ginlaw Goaw in a nutshell

The Municipality of Liloy third district is a community in Zamboanga del Norte. It was once a village of the Municipality of Zamboanga, which acquired its juridical personality by virtue of Executive Order No. 469 issued by then President Elpidio Quirino on August 22, 1951 and inaugurated on December 16 of the same year (LGU liloy, 2014).

The health sector in the Municipality of LILOY has been proactive in addressing the health inequities in the area. Despite the current efforts, however, health problems, such as inadequate documentation and referral system, lack of solid waste management, water improper handling increased incidence of malnutrition and hypertension, to name a few, are still prevalent. The aforementioned health problems do not only affect their physical well being, but also, other aspects of their lives.

In the pursuit of realizing the mission and vision of Ateneo de Zamboanga University - School of Medicine, the medical students assigned in Barangay Goaw, Municipality of Zamboanga del Norte liloy initiated a project entitled Ginlaw Goaw (Shine Goaw). A scheme consisting of 6 comprehensive health plans, it provided a framework for the different interventions targeting the identified health problems.

            Committed to the realization of the World Health Organization's Sustainable Developmental Goals (SDG WHO), the group centered on the strategies toward building a self-reliant community. The health plans were formulated in such as a way that the residents themselves were mobilized and empowered. Hence, the impact of the project will be sustained over the years.

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