Huwebes, Abril 23, 2015

of obstacles and scarifices

The path we have chosen, admittedly, would demand much more from us. Days, weeks or even months would pass before we get to see our family and loved ones.

The familiar comforts of the city, which many of us are used to, would be replaced by the rugged unknown of the 5th and 6th class municipalities which would be our home for the next few weeks.

Living on our own whilst serving the underserved are two difficult tasks.

Our daily activities involve having to wake up early to cook our meals and clean the house, walk miles to do house-to-house, tally the data, implement our programs and go home only to find piles of used clothes still to be washed. At night, we are deprived of a soft mattress and good ventilation. This means insect bites and uncomfortable sleep. But fret not, another stressful day awaits.

Needless to day, it would entail not only mental struggle but also emotional and physical sacrifices as well.

It would not be easy. Never will it be. But in the end, we like to believe it will be worth it.

Bright Sun