Miyerkules, Agosto 31, 2016

Section 22 and Section 32 of RA 9003 requires that there shall be separate container, which are properly labeled for each type of waste from all sources and that there shall be established Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) in every barangay or cluster of barangays, respectively.

During the initial house-to-house survey, there were no available and accessible trash bins in public areas (barangay hall, school ,sari-sari store) of the Barangay observed. Moreover, the Barangay also has no Materials Recovery Facility established.

The group, thus, envisioned to decrease the number of households who do not practice waste segregation from 75% to 25%.in Barangay Goaw, Liloy, Zamboanga Del Norte by the year 2017. To solve this pressing problem, the following activities were done

After only two months, four trash bins were turned over to the barangay. Also, one modified MRF was added per purok making a total of 8 modified MRFs. That did not end there. During the Municipality-wide Clean and Green Competition this August, Barangay Goaw was deemed as “The Barangay with the Most Functional MRF.”


Ang Batang Himsog Program: Communal Garden and Backyard Gardening Establishment

An age-old problem, malnutrition, as one of the most renowned health care problem, is still in the back door of our seemingly progressive health care system. Its presence still cripples our Filipino children and their families, slowing their growth in all aspects.

            There are a total of 18.8% of the under-five children who are recipients of the Garantisadong Pangbata who were documented as severely malnourished. The group aims to decrease the percentage of malnutrition in the barangay from 18.8% to 2% at the end of our community exposure. One of the strategies that we came up with is the establishment of the communal garden in the barangay, where its produce will be used for the monthly feeding and some can be given to families whose children are severely malnourished.

             To decrease the percentage of malnourished children among the under-five children from 18.8% to 2% in Barangay Goaw, several strategies were employed to include:

  • ·      Demonstration of ways of proper preparation and cooking of nutritious food in coordination with the local government unit

  • ·      “Buhay na Gulay Program”. A lecture will be done by the Department of Agriculture to the community mothers regarding proper vegetable farming.

  • ·     Re-opening of the existing Barangay Garden through the cooperation of the barangay, students and in coordination with the Department of Agriculture.

            At the end of the first community exposure of the fourth year the group was able to accomplish several projects which addressed the community’s problem of malnutrition. The overall plan for the four-year stay in the community is nearing its completion but the overall effect of the projects will be continuously evaluated further during the course of the group’s stay in the community. As of the current date, all of the proposed strategies were implemented and further improvements are sought to polish on-going projects and for possible discovery of new strategies that can be added to the groups proposed plans

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