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Ang Batang Himsog Program: Sept-Nov 2016 Update

An age-old problem, malnutrition, as one of the most renowned health care problem, is still in the back door of our seemingly progressive health care system. Its presence still cripples our Filipino children and their families, slowing their growth in all aspects.
            As health advocates, our community group established in Barangay Goaw, Liloy, has made the decision to join the battle against malnutrition. As of the initial survey there are a total of 18.8% of the under-five children who are recipients of the Garantisadong Pangbata who were documented as severely malnourished. According to the national target that was set by the same government initiative of Garantisadong Pangbata the percentage of underweight children must go down by 13.6%. During the latest survey by the 19.5% of all children of ages 0-5 years old in the country are underweight. Children of the same age group showed an increase in prevalence of wasting that showed an increase of 7.9%.The comparison of both the percentage of the Philippines and the barangay shows to be alarming and so the group aims to decrease the percentage of malnutrition in the barangay. The group aims to decrease it from 18.8% to 2% at the end of our community exposure.

            However, with our latest survey and record there shows an increase in the prevalence of malnutrition. As of the latest survey there are a total of 32 out of 72 (40%) 0-5 children in the municipality. Due to the unexpected increase in the trend of the problem the group aims to renew several projects to stop the further increase of the prevalence.
·                                On October 3, 2016 a series of weekly health teaching was done by the group for the mothers of undernourished children in the barangay. The activity, which was held at the barangay day care center, was done to supplement all previous health teaching programs as to refresh the citizen’s knowledge and remind them about the importance of proper food preparation.        
                  In conjunction with the health teaching a series of feeding programs were also conducted to feed the undernourished children, this is also done to supplement the already existing feeding program of the barangay with the focus on the undernourished children.

              The training from the office of Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) for a cooking demonstration of nutritious and affordable food preparations is still being followed up and awaits for confirmation

         Due to the unfortunate and unpredictable turn of events in the number of malnourished children the group aims to heighten the activities through more inter-organization collaborations and more in hands-on approach to the families with malnutrition.

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