Linggo, Mayo 4, 2014

The Making of a Great Doctor: MD-MPH Program of ADZU-SOM

Having a medical degree is a good thing.  But obtaining a double degree is a great one.

Such is the heart and soul of the Jesuit education that the Ateneo de Zamboanga University (ADZU) offers.  A maximum of 50 students per year is Selected out of hundreds of applicants to have the chance to graduate with Masters of Public Health (MPH) in the same five years that they Receive Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree.

Integrated into the MD track, the MPH curriculum prepares generalists with a solid foundation in public health disciplines such as biostatistics, epidemiology, bioethics, environmental and occupational health, social sciences and the list goes on. 

Graduates of the program are well equipped not only to become competent clinicians but also leaders in public health administration, policy and research. 

During their first 3 years in medical school, the medical students spend two months a year to survey health problems, find solutions to those problems and be of service to the people in rural communities. Moreover, 10 months of their senior year is spent in the same barangay, away from the comforts and amenities of the city.

With the yearly experience in rural communities, the students see the different factors that contribute to health  right before their eyes. Not only do they witness the life in the outskirts, They experience them. Not only do they meet those who are underserved, they become in one with them.

With the community as their training ground, the products of ADZU-SOM see, feel, relish and sacrifice along with the people from dusk to dawn. This enhances not only their medical prowess, but also their social skills in dealing with patients from different walks of life.

The MD-MPH curriculum of the Ateneo de Zamboanga University is indeed one of its kind, producing doctors who are not only good. . . but great.

Written by:
Jobel Fernandez
Medicus Dei Enim 2017
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