Huwebes, Mayo 15, 2014

Cry for help

When we arrived in Barangay Goaw of the Municipality of Liloy, we were welcomed by simple greetings of the people of the community especially Barangay Captain Milagros Bolando. The village is just a simple and silent place. The people were warm in welcoming us although.

It's clear that in THEIR faces They want to ask what our purpose of going there is. Our purpose is to answer the cry of help of every people of Barangay Goaw. This is God's way of Helping communities to be self reliant in terms of health aspect. Making people's lives better in the community is our goal before we let them stand in THEIR own. Organizing strategies and activities is our action to help them in the present and in the future. To make them shine in the light of possibilities amidst the darkness of threats and fears. So we listen.

We listen to every story, gossip, experience, events and many other things that can be told by the residents. We look intently for cry of help, but we can not find it everywhere we looked. We focused on looking for cries of help that we did not noticed a more important cry of the people, The Battle Cry for improvement. The people did not need our help to solve THEIR Problems. They need someone who will guide them to open the doors of possibilities in Improving the lives in the community, the possibilities for a better healthcare access, growth in economic status and improvement of sanitary practices like waste disposal, hygiene and drinking water

 As of now, we are answering this battle cry, want to grow THEIR, THEIR urge to shine. And by God's grace, power and MIGHT, we will deliver.

Written by:
Jaime Punzalan

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