Barangay Goaw

Barangay Goaw is one of the 37 barangays in the outlying area of Liloy, Zamboanga del Norte, situated in the north- central region of the Zamboanga Peninsula in Mindanao, Philippines. It is a small community of 160 households and 627 residents.

Goaw was acknowledged as a Barangay last September 28, 1963 with the legal basis of creation Republic Act No. 3590, otherwise known as “The Barrio Charter” as amended by Republic Act No. 5676 and by Presidential Decree No 431.

The name “Goaw” was derived from the word, Loaw, a type of tree abundant in its territories. Folks used to call the village, Loaw but the name was eventually changed to Goaw since the residents wanted a name that was more pleasant to hear. 

The territory of Goaw is bounded by the Barangay Causwagan in the North and East, Barangay San Francisco in the South and by the Barangay New Bethlehem in the West.

The Barangay has a total land area of 420.16 hectares. It is 8 kilometers from Liloy Poblacion. The natural land features of the barangay can be described as 2/3 hilly and the remaining third as flat. The flat/level grounds are mostly occupied with coconuts, rubber or rice fields. Thus, it is mainly an agricultural community whose residents rely mostly on crop production such us rice, coconuts, and rubber, as their main source of livelihood.

There are two distinct seasons in the area: the dry and the rainy. The rainy season usually begins from the month of June and ends in December. The dry season, on the hand, occurs in the months of January to May. Typhoon rarely comes as this area is not within the typhoon belt.

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